We want the best and brightest students to fulfil their potential. To make law college accessible to everyone, LSAC Global is offering two scholarships for LSAT—IndiaTM test takers in 2021.

Scholarship Opportunities

In 2021 LSAC Global will be awarding the LSAT—IndiaTM Topper Scholarship and the Shamnad Basheer Access to Justice Scholarship.

Shivansh Sinha and Shailja Beria

2020 LSAT—India Scholar


The LSAT—IndiaTM 2021 Topper Scholarship

  • Awarded to the LSAT—India test taker who achieves the maximum marks out of all candidates who appear for both March and June LSAT—India.
  • Offers up to a maximum of ₹4 lac.
  • Covers tuition and halls of residence fees for the first year of the law programme, up to the maximum amount allocated.
  • Any unutilised amount can be rolled over to the next year of law college.



The Shamnad Basheer
Access to Justice Essay Scholarship


Awarded to the 2021 LSAT—IndiaTM applicant who submits the winning entry in an essay competition.


Submission Deadline: 15 June 2021

Professor Shamnad Basheer


A Diversity Essay Scholarship Honouring the Memory
of Professor Shamnad Basheer

In 2019 the Indian legal community lost an influential lawyer and pioneering academic—Professor Shamnad Basheer, who shaped the course of IP law and policy in India and initiated ground-breaking measures to increase diversity in the legal fraternity. Professor Basheer was the founder of Increasing Diversity by Increasing Access to Legal Education (IDIA), a non-profit organisation that empowers underprivileged children in India by giving them access to quality legal education.

LSAC Global is honouring his memory by awarding the Shamnad Basheer Access to Justice Scholarship.

The Shamnad Basheer Access to Justice Scholarship, based on an essay competition, will award up to a maximum of ₹4 lac to the student who submits the winning essay. The winning student must have registered for the LSAT—IndiaTM test. The scholarship will cover tuition and halls of residence fees for the first year of a law programme at an LSAC Global Law Alliance college, up to a maximum of ₹4 lac. Any unutilised amount from the first year can be rolled over to the subsequent year.

Essay competition details:
What is the required topic of the essay?
The essay must address the introduction of artificial intelligence in the legal profession and whether it promotes justice and diversity in the society. Write an essay in which you argue for or against the following claim, providing reasons for your position:
Claim: How might the introduction of artificial intelligence tools in the legal profession mitigates bias, increases access to justice, and promotes diversity in the society?


Submission Guidelines:

  • Submissions shall be in English language and shall be no more than 1,200 words, excluding footnotes.
  • Submissions shall be in MS Word format with double line spacing, Times New Roman Font with font size 12.
  • Submissions shall be emailed to  with the subject ‘Diversity Essay’  Deadline for Submission- 15th June 2021(24:00 IST)
  • All submissions will be checked for plagiarism and any submission (a) not being in accordance with the guidelines prescribed herein; or (b) containing unoriginal or plagiarized content, shall be penalized and/ or will not be considered for the Competition.


For detailed guidelines refer to Diversity Terms & Conditions

 2020 Essay Scholarship Winners

Kiara D’Souza

Adithya S. Nair

Akshata Modi


The 2020 Essay Winners wrote essays addressing the following claim: Having a legal professional class (lawyers, judges, etc.) characterized by diversity of gender, caste, wealth status, language and regional identity makes for a more just legal system.

 The participants had to argue for or against this claim in their essay. Their essays were judged by an esteemed team of judges drawn from the faculty of the LSAC Global Law Alliance Colleges:

  • Prof. Dr. Manimuthu Gandhi, Dean- VIT School of Law, Vellore Institute of Technology
  • Prof. Dr. Sridhar Acharyulu, Acting Dean, School of Law, Bennett University
  • Prof. Ajay Thomas, Director, Faculty of Law, Manav Rachna University
  • Prof. Dr. Jyotsna Yagnik, Pro Vice Chancellor and Dean of School of Law & Justice, Adamas University
  • Prof. Dr. Vijay Kumar Singh, Dean, School of Law, University of Petroleum & Energy Studies
  • Ms. Kritika Padode Bhandari, Advocate and Co-Founder Vijaybhoomi University 


To learn more about the scholarships, see our Terms & Conditions.

Toppers Terms & Conditions
Diversity Terms & Conditions

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